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Website On-Line Store

The most recommended way to buy of your desired artworks is this website which is Official Website for Borowski Art Glass.

WeChat by Weidian

You can find Borowski selection through the WeChat Wedian Shop with quick payment by Wechat Pay. 

Click the link. 

In Brand Store

Zhuhai Chimelong Store

Borowski Brand Shop Concept
in Ocean Kingdom
Chimelong Henqin Bay Hotel
4B Sea Horse Area, Main lobby
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
P: (+86) 
E: [email protected]

Link to map: 

Beijing China World Mall

China World Mall
Phase III, Apous Shop B1
Jianguomen Outer Sr. GuoMau
Chaoyang, China
P: (+86) 10 5603 1921