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The Ancient Symbol of Power and Royalty

The dragon is especially highly-regarded as the symbol of royalty and divinity. It is known for carrying immense power and bringing honor to those born in the year of the dragon. If you or a loved one were born in the Year of the Dragon, celebrate your natural divinity with this piece!

Story Behind

Chat with Master

The Garden with Ancient Dragon

"When I initiated idea to make Chinese Dragon I found the dragon sculpture at Borowski's garden next to Studio, so we had short chat with Master who could support the Stani in the cretion of customised Dragon for Chinese Customer"

Chris Przybylo

"Yes, we have this Dragon long time here"

"There was a time when I was inspired by Chinese Ancient Dragon so I bought him and place him here but I was never consider to make a Dragon just becasue He come from different culture, include many details which I was no familiar with" 

Stanislaw Borowski