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The Symbol of Independent Ambition

Galloping upon the ancient plains, the horse is the ultimate symbol of unbridled ambition and energy. Those born in the Year of the Horse are known for their ambitious spirit that can’t be held back. Follow your own path and celebrate with this adorable horse sculpture.

Whinny !!!


LUCKY 888 pcs Limited

LED Platform

LUCKY 888 pcs Limited

LUCKY with LED B size


Lucky Horse






Limited Edition

49 pcs only

The Animalia Collection

The Animalia collection includes 5 wild vases created, numbered and signed by Stani Jan Borowski. Each of these exquisite pieces is composed of multilayered clear and coloured glass, using highly sophisticated techniques of both hot and cold glass processing. 

The body of the vase is mouth blown and modeled while in a hot state. In the next phase, several fine applications are attached to the glowing item as it obtains its final form. The vase must then cool for hours before it can undergo several rounds of polishing, then frosting. Finally, to complete the object, it is decorated with 24 carat gold.