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The Legendary Symbol of Confidence

The tiger is a mighty animal respected across all cultures for its astounding elegance and its natural royalty. Many people in ancient times often compared tigers to the powerful lords and emperors of the time, and through the generations, the tiger stands as the king of the big cats. 


The Fierce King of the Jungle

Tigers have long been respected in Chinese culture for their elegance and power. Let this cute version of a fierce beast protect your home. This version is smaller than others but don’t let his small size fool you; his personality is just as huge!  

Creation process

Little's Head

Our master artist got to work sketching the idea. We started with the face and built a body around it.

The artist twists molten glass onto the base material. These colors will wrap and blend together to make Khan's unique stripes.

While still flaming hot, the artist shapes the head. Each piece must fit within specific dimensions.

Every tiger needs adorable ears to complete its appearance. We fuse colorful pigments onto the head to shape the ears.

The face is now complete! The next stop is a 30-hour stay in the oven to strengthen the piece for a lifetime of play.

Here we go

The Body part

Work begins on the body. The artist starts by rolling and molding the glass into shape. Heat is a crucial component of this process.

Into the fire the body goes. The extreme temperatures of the hot process help the artist form and shape the body correctly.

Heat is the driving force behind every creation. The artist stokes the flames raising the temperature, and will frequently move it in and out of the furnace to add colorful new pigments, molding them seamlessly.

Every detail matters. The artist begins adding new elements to the body. All combined, the part form a beautiful piece.


Cold process

Using precision cutters, the artist trims each piece. This ensures that they come together seamlessly in the assembly phase.

The artist polishes every edge. With their attention to detail, each piece will come together in seamless unison.

The artist examines a component of a larger piece carefully and sands it to ensure all of the edges are smooth. By going the extra mile, the parts will also combine seamlessly.

Up close, you can see how the sand is gently removing layers of the shine on the piece to make it as smooth as possible. Once you feel a Borowski piece, you'll quickly understand the excellent care and precision that goes into this process.

Tiger Assembly

We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Piece

Each element of the glass piece is crucial If one eye doesn’t match the other, it will throw off the look of the entire piece. Our artists double check each piece before assembly.

After polishing the head and body, we begin to fit them. If all went well in previous stages, the look is seamless.

Available in

yellow & white

Khan's Big brother

Powerfully Cute

The tiger is an ancient symbol of power, and it wanders through the jungle looking for its next meal. Luckily, this tiger isn't fierce and is actually a great companion to keep by your side. The bigger brother of Little Khan, as a pair, the two are bound to bring good luck to your home.