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Standard platforms

Fit to the right size

Platform A (10x10 cm)

Platform A with Snippy

Platform B (20x10 cm)

Platform B with Ramy

Platform C (30x10 cm)

Platform C with Snippy

Power charger

Each LED platform include power charger 110V - 220V and three replacable plugs for each of the continent Europe, Asia and USA, include China, Taiwan, Hong Kong proper plug. All of lighting elements were tested carefully with CCC and CE certification.

Premium platforms

Fit to the right size

Platform F (22x22 cm)

If you like MOONKY which standing on platform you can find here

Platform G (42x22 cm)

If you like KOI Fish you can find this object here

Platform H (40x40 cm)

Platform J (64x26 cm)

Special size

Platform K (90x30 cm)

Available per special customised order. Dedicated to colour matching set of few objects. 



Retrospective of Stanislaw Borowski

Book "Behind the glass skin"